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Teknotel Corporate Internet Services offers the best solution for your needs through its Robust, Redundant and Widespread backbone Infrastructure.


Enjoy the quality of Telehouse Istanbul services, operating with its Carrier-Neutral infrastructure over the Global Data Center Network, uniting Asia, Europe and America with Tier3+ standards.


You ensure high performance, non-stop and secure service with our CORPORATE HOSTING services hosted in the Tier 3+ Data Center with state of the art hardware.


Providing CORPORATE SOLUTIONS through our Robust, Redundant and Widespread backbone, Carrier Neutral Data Center, Advanced Cloud Infrastructure and Global TELEHOUSE Network.


Teknotel Telekom has been leading the telecommunication sector since 1984. Our difference is our expertise, dedicated team and our understanding of providing CUSTOM CORPORATE SOLUTIONS.

  • HOSTED EXCHANGE We remove your hardware, software and operation costs with Hosted Exchange, our corporate e-mail communication service.


Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010

  • Hosting Exchange service runs on Microsoft Exchange Server 2010


Service Features

  • Personal e-mail, calendar, directory (contacts), tasks/events, notes
  • Calendar and contact grouping, schedule creation
  • File and folder sharing
  • Full support for Microsoft Outlook® and Entourage® desktop software
  • Mobility features set up on ActiveSync and Outlook Web App


Service Management

  • Make your personal calendar, create your contacts list and share them with your friends whenever you want.
  • Keep your personal notes using the Outlook feature and have instant access to your data through mobile devices.
  • All Exchange accounts include full Exchange MAPI support with RPC through HTTPS, POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP. All supported protocols are encrypted with SSL.
  • With the multiple e-mail addresses feature you can set up multiple e-mail addresses that contain different domain names and user names and track your e-mails coming to all your addresses.
  • With the multiple “From” feature, you can send e-mails from any account you want.
  • Use your own domain name in your e-mail address. If you already have a domain name, you can transfer this to our service with a few simple steps or we can provide you with the domain name you wish using the T-Domain service.
  • Exchange Enterprise mailboxes have 2GB storage capacity. You’ll receive a notification when your inbox is nearly full. If you run out of storage space, you can increase your storage capacity using the Control Panel.
  • Furthermore, with automatic e-mail deletion, you can ensure that unwanted e-mails are deleted automatically. Thus you can prevent your mailbox from getting cluttered with unnecessary e-mails.
  • You can block unwanted e-mails based on various criteria with the e-mail filtering feature.
  • With the web ready document viewing feature, you can view MS Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF) attached to your e-mails, even if Microsoft Office is not installed on your computer.
  • Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Web Access can be used in multiple languages. Spellchecking in multiple languages can also be supported.


Mobile E-mail

  • You can access your mobile e-mails in any way you wish. With Outlook Web App feature, you can use your service from any mobile device. Apple iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows® Mobile devices, Android and all other devices have problem-free access.
  • With Webmail, you can access your e-mails from Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox or any compatible web browser, independent of device and location.
  • You can easily configure your hosted exchange service on your mobile device and run it in minutes.


Account Activation and Management

  • You can activate your Hosted Exchange service on your computer or mobile device in a very short time with a single click.
  • You can manage your service by logging in to the web-based control panel using your user credentials. You can define/delete the user from the control panel, or change your user settings.


Back up

  • Copies of your e-mails are also stored in different Mailbox servers. If any other problem occurs in the Mailbox server, you continue to receive service over other Mailbox servers. This way your e-mail exchange is not interrupted and your e-mails are not lost.


Monthly Billing

  • Your hosted exchange service is billed monthly. We also provide special discounts for your organization in long-term contracts.


Security and Technical Assistance

  • Anti-Virus and Spam Filter applications help you protect yourself from unwanted e-mails and e-mail sent as spam.
  • You achieve high security thanks to services like Firewall and DDoS Attack Prevention.
  • Procurement, installation, management and maintenance of the devices and systems that ensure the security of your service are performed by an expert staff in compliance with ISO 27001 Information Security Management System.
  • Our certified, experienced technical team stationed in our Network Operation Center is ready for your calls 24/7 for problems regarding your service and provide you with solutions.
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