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What is G.SHDSL?

G.SHDSL (Symmetrical High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line) is a DSL technology offering symmetric access. G.SHDSL provides symmetrical access where download and upload speeds are equal. Its infrastructure is composed of two (one pair) copper wires and a line separate from the phone line is layed to the customer location. G.SHDSL service offers speed options in 256 Kbps - 2 Mbps interval and runs voice, data, video applications at high-speed without interruption and without experiencing package loss during data transmission. The service’s easily manageable technical infrastructure enables capacity upgrade operations to be performed easily and within minutes. G.SHDSL can provide internet services, as well as point-to-point and point-to-multiple-point access options.

What is Data Flow Access?

Data Flow Access (DFA) is a resident operator leasing its G.SHDSL infrastructure to service providers in ''the buy and sell'' model, in conformance with the contract signed between the parties. In this structure, an interconnection is created between the 33 main traffic points within Turkey and the service provider. Thanks to these connections, customers can receive G.SHDSL service from their preferred service provider.

What are corporate aDSL speed options?

All services are quota-free. The server speed options are 1024/256 Kbps, 2048/512 Kbps and 4096/1024 Kbps. Wherever infrastructure is okay, 8192/2048 Kbps capacity can be supported and more than one circuit can be combined with Teknotel Telecom’s special application by putting a multiple circuit together as a single unit and servicing it in high capacities.

What is the cause of infrastructural problems?

You may experience infrastructural problems if your location is a long distance from the telephone exchange, or the telephone exchange does not have the technological hardware to provide required services.

What kind of hardware is required for Corporate aDSL?

ADSL Modem is used to provide the service. Hardware with VPN features may be required in point-to-point access applications. The service can also be provided by plugging the necessary module on the present router as long as the router model is new and empty slot is present. Requirements, topology and current hardware are analyzed within the scope of the project and hardware alternatives are suggested if necessary.

Who is the ICTA (Information and Communication Technologies Authority)?

The Information Technologies and Communication Authority (formerly known as the Telecommunication Authority) is the regulatory institution to authorize, inspect, resolve disputes, protect consumer rights and preserve sectoral competition in information technologies