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xDSL servisleri Teknotel’in her çeşit kurumsal profile uygun simetrik, asimetrik, yüksek hız, yedeklilik gibi farklı erişim ihtiyaçları karşılayan ekonomik ve çeşitli katma değerlerle sunulan servisleridir.

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xDSL services are Teknotel’s affordable services offered with various added values, meeting symmetrical, asymmetrical, high-speed, and redundancy requirement to suit every kind of corporate profile.

Under xDSL services, internet or point-to-point access packages are offered with different value added services using the DSL infrastructure, which is widespread in Turkey. With its xDSL services, Teknotel provides solutions to meet organizations’ requirements with different projects developed over G.SHDSL and aDSL infrastructures.

Corporate aDSL

Teknotel’s Corporate aDSL service provides an affordable alternative to small and medium sized establishments, as well as multi-location organizations’ branch/dealer structure, without symmetrical access requirements.

When Corporate aDSL is compared to individual aDSL services, the most notable difference is the offering of point-to-point, non-shared and secure access. Corporate aDSL service is developed in order to meet the expectations towards corporate requirements that individual ADSL and cable internet services cannot. Also, this service is an economical alternative to symmetric connection and is also adventageous with Teknotel added values.

Corporate aDSL service provides advantages that are different from the aDSL services offered to individuals suitable for household use.

Corporate aDSL Individual aDSL
Quota is not applied Quota is applied. Quota overrun is charged.
Fair Use Quota is not applied Fair Use Quota is applied
Suitable for Small/Medium sized establishments Suitable for household use
Static IP is provided Connection is made with Public IP