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Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

The philosophy of Teknotel’s Human Resources is defined by an approach that is free individually and democratic when it comes to teamwork.


We place importance on providing our employees equal opportunities. We develop systems that motivate our employees and ensure they improve their knowledge and skills to be valued as they deserve.

We develop new working models so that our employees can reach their potential with the highest efficiency and apply their skills and talents in their work. We provide necessary environment and conduct performance appraisal with objective methods.

At Teknotel we base our human resources policy on respect for people


Depending on performance and inflation, periodical wage arrangement are made.

Performance assessment is conducted in order to measure the growth and advancement of personnel, gather data regarding their skills, and make decisions in matters such as promotion, transfer, wage increase and bonuses. We perform the necessary follow-up to regain staff whose adverse qualities override and make their career plans.​


You may fill out our application form for the post that suits your qualifications and experience for the positions listed below. Your application will be evaluated by our Human Resources departmant and you will be contacted if it is deemed suitable. All applications will be stored in our data bank for a certain amount of time and evaluated for the available positions that may arise.