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Colocation FAQ


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What is Colocation?

T-COLO is the server hosting service that Teknotel Telekom offers in its own data center for servers supporting organizations’ business applications. This service also covers the virtual server service.

What is the ‘Pay As You Go’ model?

With Teknotel Telekom Colocation services offering alternative tariffs at affordable pricing based only on the amount and traffic used, it is possible to meet different traffic needs that arise at different times without any limitation. Moreover, by choosing this alternative you avoid paying for unused traffic. The ‘Pay As You Go’ model enables online traffic to be monitored continuously and billed only for the amount used and is offered through Teknotel Telekom’s Satellite Redundant and 24/7 Technical Support infrastructure.

What kind of hardware is required for T-COLO service?

In Colocation services, the server type is generally determined by the company and the server is brought to Teknotel Telekom data center in preconfigured state. In virtual server application, there is no hardware requirement and the necessary space is allocated on Teknotel Telekom servers. Business applications to be hosted are positioned based on the operating system and other requirements. With virtual servers, services for multiple companies can be hosted on the same hardware.

Does the pricing change according to server type?

A standard 1U server is assumed to use 80 GB of traffic mountly, have one ethernet part and have a 400 W power supply. Resource uses other than these (rack unit, traffic, server, ethernet port, power supply, static IP, etc.) are subject to extra cost.

What is the difference between bandwidth and traffic?

There is no speed limitation for the Colocation services offered by Teknotel Telekom, enabling the server to be accessible at high speeds at all times. At the end of the month the amount of data transferred form the basis for billing. The most important difference between bandwidth and traffic is that one is stock and the other is flow concept.