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Colocation is the physical server hosting service that hosts your organization's servers in a professional Data Center environment.

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Colocation in Brief

Colocation is the physical server hosting service that hosts your organization's servers in a professional Data Center environment.

Teknotel’s Colocation services are located in Telehouse Istanbul Data Center with Tier 3+ design at global standards. Thanks to Telehouse Istanbul’s ‘'Carrier-Neutral’', infrastructure, nonstop, high-performance and redundant access services are provided with Colocation services using different operators’ access infrastructures.

With Teknotel’s Colocation services, organizations can transfer their business applications from their own backbones to an internet and secure access environment. Colocation services provide affordable server hosting solutions.

With Teknotel’s Colocation services, various sizes of server hosting, organization specific rack rental and organization specific cage rental service options are offered with many advantages such as Pay as You go model.


Why Colocation?

The following factors play an important role in using outsourcing for Colocation (Server Hosting).

  • Preventing overloads that may occur in an organization’s own network due to heavy traffic
  • Enabling nonstop and high performance access
  • Removing costs regarding installation and operation load
  • Removing the need for high access investments
  • Savings in nonstop and Professional Management

Data Center

At Telehouse Istanbul, Colocation services, along with many privileged services such as power, AC, fire/flood protection and electronic/physical security infrastructures are provided at the highest level possible, just as all other Telehouse facilities around the world.

You may view the Data Center infrastructure section for information on Telehouse Istanbul’s infrastructure, designed in conformance with Tier 3+ standards.

Carrier-Neutral Access Infrastructure

Telehouse Istanbul customers receiving the Colocation service have the opportunity to obtain access from different Service Providers thanks to Telehouse Istanbul’s ''Carrier-Neutral’' structure. This infrastructure, composed of various operators, ensures Full Redundancy for organizations.

To get more detailed information about Telehouse Istanbul’s access options, you may visit the Access Infrastructure section.