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What is VPN?

VPN is the abbreviation for Virtual Private Network. It is a type of connection over private and public networks, like internet, for point to point locations. Special TCP/IP based protocols, called tunnel protocols are used in VPN technology and data is transmitted encypted

What is MPLS VPN?

MPLS VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service that enables organizations with offices, branches, agencies, etc. to exchange data uninterruptedly with high-speed and security with other locations through the MPLS backbone.

Where does MPLS VPN offered ?

MPLS VPN services are provided in all over Turkey.

How does MPLS VPN run?

MPLS VPN service runs by creating point-to-point access over the MPLS backbone spread across Turkey, using Metro Ethernet, G.SHDSL and sDSL access technologies. In Metro Ethernet, G.SHDSL and aDSL MPLS VPN services; a leased line or point-to-point access is not dedicated for your organization. All your remote branches and offices communicate over the MPLS infrastructure managed by Teknotel, and thus your costs go down.

What are the prices for MPLS VPN?

MPLS VPN service enables multiple-point organizations’ offices and branches to communicate with each other and headquarters uninterruptedly with high-speed and security. Its pricing is project-based. In order to have your enterprise’s needs analyzed and the best project planning, call our sales representatives on +90 216 665 77 00 and get detailed information regarding MPLS VPN service and prices.