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Hosted Exchange FAQ


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What is Hosted Exchange?

This is the corporate e-mail communication service that Teknotel offers to companies and is provided over Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010. Among the service’s advantages is that you benefit from all Microsoft Exchange’s features and the most recent system versions, get mobile access to data, and receive licence rental opportunities. We recommend that you review the Exchange Enterprise package, suitable for corporations.

Why should I choose Hosted Exchange service?

Hosted Exchange service is provided using a rental model rather than purchasing a licence and does not have any initial or operating costs. Hence, it's savings to your organization. This service has a flexible structure and enables you to create accounts based on your number of users. You can increase or decrease your accounts whenever you want. Your e-mails are stored on redundant mail servers and you receive a secure service thanks to our firewall, IDS/IPS attack detection, and DDoS attack prevention services.

What kind of hardware is required for Hosted Exchange service?

You don’t need to purchase any hardware to benefit from Hosted Exchange service. Your service runs on Microsoft® Exchange 2010 servers belonging to Teknotel.