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Server Leasing

Server Leasing, also known as Server Leasing service, is the service where Teknotel servers are allocated for an organization’s private use.

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Server Leasing in Brief

Server Leasing, also known as Server Leasing service, is the service where Teknotel servers are allocated for an organization’s private use. Through this service physical servers are allocated to fit the operation and budget needs of organizations of all sizes and types in return for a certain monthly rental fee, without an initial investment cost. All applications, including the operating system to be run on the server, depend on the customer’s inquiry.

Server Leasing have all the features that a physical server has. Server Leasing service is provided on HP servers with all the technology for internet broadcasting.

You can run your critical business applications with high traffic requirements, such as e-mail, web, e-commerce, e-marketing, B2B, ERP, CRM, portal, control panel, database, etc. and you can use them as back up servers and/or database servers.

Why Server Leasing?


Small/medium sized establishments that don’t want to invest in physical servers, extra space, power and staff,

  • to save on costs such as hardware, operating system, application installation management, maintenance and back up, panel, and licence rental, etc.
  • to get many visits and have one/multiple websites that need to run 24/7,
  • run critical business applications that require high traffic on their servers,
  • to offer web and e-mail hosting services
  • to broadcast radio, TV, and online games,

prefer Server Leasing service, which provides high security, nonstop service and flexibility.

Server Leasing Features
Redundant Power Systems done
24/7 Call Center done
24/7 IP-KVM Service done
Nonstop 100 Mbit/s Port done
24-Hour Hardware support done
Firewall Protection done
24/7 Camera Recording and Monitoring done
Free Control Panel Option done

Data Center

At Telehouse Istanbul, Server leasing services along with many privileged services, such as power, AC, fire/flood protection and electronic/physical security infrastructures are provided at the highest level possible, just as with all other Telehouse establishments around the world.

You can view the Data Center Infrastructure section for more detailed information on Telehouse Istanbul’s infrastructure, designed in conformance with Tier 3+ standards.

Carrier-Neutral Access Infrastructure 

Telehouse Istanbul customers receiving a Server Leasing service have the opportunity to obtain access from different Service Providers thanks to Telehouse Istanbul’s '‘Carrier-Neutral’' structure. This infrastructure, composed of various operators, ensures full redundancy for organizations.

To get more detailed information about Telehouse Istanbul’s access options, you may visit the Access Infrastructure section.