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Cloud Disaster Recovery

Cloud Disaster Recovery

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What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster Recovery refers to a service that keeps a copy of your overall system and data in a data center located elsewhere, with a view to ensure continuous operation of your enterprise applications and preventing data loss.

What is Cloud Disaster Recovery?

Cloud Disaster Recovery service keeps a copy of your overall system and duplicates data in the Cloud Servers in order to ensure the continuous operation of your corporate applications and prevent data loss.

Where can I get the Cloud Disaster Recovery service?

Teknotel provides Cloud Disaster Recovery services in Telehouse Istanbul Data Center, operating on the Istanbul’s Asian side.

Do I need to purchase hardware for the Cloud Disaster Recovery service?

No need to pay investment costs, just pay for your resource needs. No additional investment or operating costs for situations you do not encounter. Procure the resources you need instantly thanks to the service and save costs with Pay as You go method.