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SSL Certificates FAQ


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What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the most widely used security protocol in the world. It is a security technology that enables information to be encrypted during transfer over the internet and only be decrypted by the correct receiver. Today, it is used in millions of websites. For the SSL application to work, a key defined for the server (CSR and KEY register) and an SSL certificate to be run on the client side are required.

How does SSL run?

Two keys (Private KEY, Public KEY) are used in SSL encryption. The application we call a “key” means a software coded in the digital medium. In SSL running logic, the data encrypted by one key can only be decrypted by the other key. In 128 bit encryption, there are 2128 different keys and decrypting this encryption would take state-of-the-art technology and a considerable amount of time. After the keys are created, one of the keys (Private Key) remains with you, while the other key (Public Key) is sent to the person you want to communicate with. The same operation also takes place in the opposite direction. The person who wants to send you a message sends the message encrypted with the Public Key, and the decryption of the encryption can only be made by the Private Key you hold. As a result, SSL ensures that the data is transmitted only between two desired computers in a secure and confidential manner.

What are the advantages of a website with SSL certificate?

A website with SSL certificate reassures its visitors. SSL certificate encrypts the information as it transmits information from your customer’s computer to yours and protects your important data such as customer name, address, user and password information, credit card information, etc. Especially if you have an e-commerce website, SSL certificate shows that you care for your customers’ confidentiality and ensures they trust you.

How can the visitor understand that my website is secure?

On SSL protected websites, the https:// prefix is found before the URL address. Informed internet users recognize SSL indications, but many individual users may not recognize the differences of a secure website. So, you can add a site seal on your website. When visitors click on the website seal, they can view the state and details of your SSL certificate. This enables your customers to perform tasks on your website with confidence.

What is a certification organization?

This is the organization that ensures the issuing and management of digital certificates, generally known as an electronic certificate service provider. Digital certificates are signed with the secret key of these organizations.

When will my SSL certificate become activated?

After your CSR information, the payment and documents requested, reach us. You can then start using your certificate in a maximum of two days.

What is Wildcard SSL certificate?

With Wildcard SSL, in contrast to other SSL models, you can secure multiple websites with only one server certificate. For establishments that use multiple subdomains under a single domain (for example:,, Wildcard SSL is both cost sensitive and more useful since it enables certificate management of all the domains to be performed at once.