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Server Licence Rental FAQ


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What is Licence Rental service?

This is the rental of software licences that Teknotel offers to organizations. Organizations benefiting from this service do not need to purchase the software necessary for their business.

Which licences may be used with the service?

With the service, you can rent the Microsoft software you need instead of purchasing it.

Who can offer Licence Rental service?

Companies signing the SPLA (Service Provider Licence Agreement) with Microsoft are authorized to offer this service. Teknotel is Microsoft’s SPLA (Service Provider Licence Agreement) partner.

Why should I choose a Licence Rental service?

If you get a licence rental service, you don’t need to purchase the licences that you need for your business. Hence, you can avoid high purchasing costs. The service is billed monthly. Your service is billed according to that month’s licence use. You use the most up-to-date Microsoft licences which are updated automatically. You can change the type or amount of your licences whenever you want. There is a price guarantee. Licence prices are updated only once a year.