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Server Leasing FAQ

Server Leasing FAQ

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What is Server Leasing?

Server Leasing, also known as Server Leasing service, is the service where Teknotel servers are allocated for an organization’s private use. Another advantage is that the servers are located in a professional Data Center environment with high-speed and uninterrupted access services.

What are the advantages of Server Leasing?

With Server Leasing service, you don’t have to purchase hardware or a licence. A physical server is allocated to you in return for a certain monthly fee.

Which applications can I run on Server Leasing?

You may run your critical business applications with high traffic requirements, such as e-mail, web, e-commerce, e-marketing, B2B, ERP, CRM, portal, control panel, database, etc and you may use them as back up and/or database servers.

Who chooses Server Leasing?

Small/medium sized establishments unwilling to invest in a physical server, extra space, power and staff, want to cut on operating system, application installation management, maintenance and back up, panel and licence rental, etc. costs, want to get high amounts of traffic and have one/multiple websites that need to run 24/7, run critical business applications with high traffic requirement on their servers, want to offer e-mail an hosting service and broadcast Radio, TV, online games choose Server Leasing service for security, uninterrupted operation and flexibility.