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What are Teknotel’s security solutions?

Teknotel provides IDS/IPS Attack Detection and DDOS Attack Prevention services to ensure Telehouse Istanbul Data Center customers receiving secure services.

Who can benefit from Teknotel’s security solutions?

Organizations getting Teknotel’s Colocation, Server Back up and Cloud Server services having critical applications running on internet, providing web services (hosting companies etc.), unwilling to make extra investments on security devices and run their business applications with peace of mind benefit from IPS/IDS and DDoS services.

What is IDS (Intrusion Detection System)?

IDS (Intrusion Detection System) is an attack detection system. This security solution continuously monitors all traffic coming to the servers from the internet with IDSs and detects attacks before they reach the servers. Attack types are recorded on the attack databases hosted on servers in various locations around the world. IDSs know all current attack types recorded in the attack database. IDSs analyze and identify the attack types, they don’t prevent the attacks.

What is IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)?

IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) is an attack detection and prevention system. IPSs sense internet traffic with attack and block it. IDS/IPS systems run on Firewall.

How does IDS/IPS Attack Detection System work?

IDS/IPS Attack Detection System detects and blocks attacks that may reach to Teknotel’s network from the internet. Your Colocation,Server Leasing and Cloud Server services provided in our Telehouse Istanbul Data Center are protected against all attacks that may arise from anywhere in the world.

Is IPS/IDS adequate for the security of my server services?

IDS/IPS Attack Detection Systems are not a completely secure solution against attack types like DDoS that create heavy traffic. DDoS attacks are attack types that send heavy traffic to servers. If measures are not taken against DDoS attacks, the continuity of your network and business is put at risk.

What is DDoS?

DDoS attacks are attack types that send heavy traffic to servers. Today, DDoS attacks are known as the most dangerous type of attack that threatens internet traffic. The continuity of your network and business is put at risk if measures are not taken against them.

What should I do in order not be affected by DDoS?

DDoS Attack Prevention System neutralizes possible DDoS threats that could be directed to your network over the internet. It provides protection against TCP flag attacks such as Syn, ack or ICMP, DNS, HTTP flooding, etc. and other attack types.

How does DDoS Attack Prevention System work?

DDoS Attack Prevention System blocks intense simultaneous attacks towards a single target from multiple sources, detects the attack and clears out harmful traffic, redirecting clean traffic back to your systems. DDoS Attack prevention system constantly monitors your internet traffic and blocks attacks before they can reach your network.