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Cloud Storage FAQ

Cloud Storage FAQ

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What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage enables you to securely store your organization’s data such as files, e-mails, videos, etc.–your most valuable assets–in a space dedicated for you.

Can I access my data from anywhere with Cloud Storage?

With the Cloud Storage service you can access your data over the internet from anywhere you want.

For Whom is the Cloud Storage solution suitable for?

With Cloud Storage service, the people who need corporate business data while outside the company, namely those working in the fields of sales, marketing, project management, etc. can always access the most recent version of data. This service also suits those who travel on business and need to access their data anytime from anywhere in the world.

Is my data secure with the Cloud Storage service?

Cloud Storage service stores your organization’s data in a cloud server environment. The most important feature of the Cloud Storage service is that it is provided over Teknotel’s high security cloud environment and the robust infrastructure that includes server security solutions like Firewall, IPS/IDS, DDoS.

What do I need in order to benefit from the Cloud Storage service?

You don’t have to purchase any hardware or software to use the Cloud Storage service. The infrastructure required for storing your data is provided over Teknotel’s cloud servers.