Tier 3+ Data Center, Carrier-Neutral and 100% Redundant System Infrastructure, High-Speed, Secure and Affordable CLOUD Services help you achieve profitability...


Teknotel Corporate Internet Services offers the best solution for your needs through its Robust, Redundant and Widespread backbone Infrastructure.


Enjoy the quality of Telehouse Istanbul services, operating with its Carrier-Neutral infrastructure over the Global Data Center Network, uniting Asia, Europe and America with Tier3+ standards.


You ensure high performance, non-stop and secure service with our CORPORATE HOSTING services hosted in the Tier 3+ Data Center with state of the art hardware.


Providing CORPORATE SOLUTIONS through our Robust, Redundant and Widespread backbone, Carrier Neutral Data Center, Advanced Cloud Infrastructure and Global TELEHOUSE Network.


Teknotel Telekom has been leading the telecommunication sector since 1984. Our difference is our expertise, dedicated team and our understanding of providing CUSTOM CORPORATE SOLUTIONS.

  • COLOCATION Physical Server Hosting service Colocation is provided in Tier 3+ Data Center Telehouse Istanbul nonstop and with high capacity access.


Colocation in Brief

Colocation is the physical server hosting service that hosts your organization's servers in a professional Data Center environment.


Teknotel’s Colocation services are located in Telehouse Istanbul Data Center with Tier 3+ design at global standards. Thanks to Telehouse Istanbul’s ‘'Carrier-Neutral’', infrastructure, nonstop, high-performance and redundant access services are provided with Colocation services using different operators’ access infrastructures.


With Teknotel’s Colocation services, organizations can transfer their business applications from their own backbones to an internet and secure access environment. Colocation services provide affordable server hosting solutions.


With Teknotel’s Colocation services, various sizes of server hosting, organization specific rack rental and organization specific cage rental service options are offered with many advantages such as Pay as You go model.


Why Colocation?

The following factors play an important role in using outsourcing for Colocation (Server Hosting).

  • Preventing overloads that may occur in an organization’s own network due to heavy traffic
  • Enabling nonstop and high performance access
  • Removing costs regarding installation and operation load
  • Removing the need for high access investments
  • Savings in nonstop and Professional Management


Data Center

At Telehouse Istanbul, Colocation services, along with many privileged services such as power, AC, fire/flood protection and electronic/physical security infrastructures are provided at the highest level possible, just as all other Telehouse facilities around the world.


You may view the Data Center infrastructure section for information on Telehouse Istanbul’s infrastructure, designed in conformance with Tier 3+ standards.


Carrier-Neutral Access Infrastructure

Telehouse Istanbul customers receiving the Colocation service have the opportunity to obtain access from different Service Providers thanks to Telehouse Istanbul’s ''Carrier-Neutral’' structure. This infrastructure, composed of various operators, ensures Full Redundancy for organizations.


To get more detailed information about Telehouse Istanbul’s access options, you may visit the Access Infrastructure section.


Colocation Exclusive Services


  • 24/7 Professional Technical Support

    Our CISCO-certified expert technical personnel monitor your service 24/7, act on problems by creating solutions and provide technical assistance.

  • Ticket Support

    You can raise a trouble ticket on our Ticket System regarding all types of problems and follow it up online. All your applications regarding your service are logged.

  • Premonitoring

    Your service is continuously monitored by our technical personnel and solutions to problems are instantly provided.

  • Traffic Monitoring and Reporting

    You can monitor the performance and traffic of your service 24/7 using the user name and password specific to you.

  • Corporate Customer Representative

    Your customer representative is ready to assist you in taking care of all your requests regarding your service.

  • SLA

    Service level agreements in availability and restore periods

  • Nonstop Access

    Telehouse Istanbul provides 100% redundant nonstop access with all domestic internet operators and two different foreign internet operators.

  • Secure Data Center

    The Tier 3+ level data center with redundant electricity, power, cooling and service providers can withstand 72 hours of power failure. We provide 99.9999% uptime.

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