Tier 3+ Data Center, Carrier-Neutral and 100% Redundant System Infrastructure, High-Speed, Secure and Affordable CLOUD Services help you achieve profitability...


Teknotel Corporate Internet Services offers the best solution for your needs through its Robust, Redundant and Widespread backbone Infrastructure.


Enjoy the quality of Telehouse Istanbul services, operating with its Carrier-Neutral infrastructure over the Global Data Center Network, uniting Asia, Europe and America with Tier3+ standards.


You ensure high performance, non-stop and secure service with our CORPORATE HOSTING services hosted in the Tier 3+ Data Center with state of the art hardware.


Providing CORPORATE SOLUTIONS through our Robust, Redundant and Widespread backbone, Carrier Neutral Data Center, Advanced Cloud Infrastructure and Global TELEHOUSE Network.


Teknotel Telekom has been leading the telecommunication sector since 1984. Our difference is our expertise, dedicated team and our understanding of providing CUSTOM CORPORATE SOLUTIONS.

  • METRO ETHERNET Metro Ethernet offers high-speed, flexible and symmetrical access over fiber optic infrastructures providing high performance and secure data transmission. .

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Metro Ethernet in Brief

Metro Ethernet is a broadband internet access technology offering scalable, flexible, high-speed connection (5Mbps to 10Gbps) enabling transmission of all kinds of data such as voice, data and video using fiber optic cables dedicated for your organization.    


The structural characteristics of fiber cables and state-of-the-art structure of today’s ethernet switch devices enable Metro Ethernet services to run problem-free over long distances. These services can support distances of 50km and over.   


In multiple-point projects the Metro Ethernet, G.SHDSL, ADSL, ATM circuits in the branches are connected to the Metro Ethernet circuits located in the headquarters and a closed network is created. A secure and easily manageable network infrastructure is created for your organization.      


Metro Ethernet Features

  • High bandwidth 5Mbps - 10Gbps
  • Organization specific fiber optic circuit set up
  • Problem-free operation over long distances
  • Flexible bandwidth options suitable for requirement
  • Point-to-point access
  • Multiple point-to-point access (aggregated at headquarters)
  • High-speed, nonstop and secure voice, data and video transmission
  • High performance and flexibility provided by Ethernet technology
  • Little hardware requirement and low operating cost


Metro Ethernet Infrastructure

Thanks to, licences from Information & Communication Technologies. Authority, we offer metro ethernet services using our, high- speed, fully redundant and highly  secure, end to end managed backbone.


Customers office, branch and locations are connected to Teknotel backbone using resident operator's Metro Ethernet infrastructure. Metro Ethernet circuits provide communication on this infrastructure through fiber optic cables.


The continuity of the access services we provide to our customers is guaranteed thanks to the domestic and international fiber optic access infrastructures of various operators that support our internet infrastructure with high bandwidth.


For detailed information about Teknotel’s robust, widespread and redundant infrastructure, you may visit the Access Infrastructure section.


Metro Ethernet Exclusive Services

  • Ticket Support

    You may raise a trouble ticket on our Ticket System regarding all types of problems and follow it up online. All your applications regarding your service are logged.

  • 24/7 Professional Technical Support

    Our CISCO-certified expert technical personnel monitor your service 24/7, reacting to problems by creating solutions and providing technical assistance.

  • Premonitoring

    Your service is continuously monitored by our technical personnel and solutions to problems are instantly provided.

  • Traffic Monitoring and Reporting

    You can monitor the performance and traffic of your service 24/7 using the user name and password specific to you.

  • Corporate Customer Representative

    Your customer representative is ready to assist you in taking care of all your requests regarding your service.

  • Reverse DNS Record

    The DNS records regarding your service are identified in a short time and managed by our experienced personnel.

  • Static IP Block

    One static IP Block exclusive to your organization is provided free of charge.

  • Automatic Payment Order

    You may easily follow up your monthly invoices with your automatic payment order.

  • On-Site Assistance

    Our field team provides on-site support for problems that cannot be solved remotely.

  • SLA

    Service levels are met regarding availability rates and restore times.


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