Tier 3+ Data Center, Carrier-Neutral and 100% Redundant System Infrastructure, High-Speed, Secure and Affordable CLOUD Services help you achieve profitability...


Teknotel Corporate Internet Services offers the best solution for your needs through its Robust, Redundant and Widespread backbone Infrastructure.


Enjoy the quality of Telehouse Istanbul services, operating with its Carrier-Neutral infrastructure over the Global Data Center Network, uniting Asia, Europe and America with Tier3+ standards.


You ensure high performance, non-stop and secure service with our CORPORATE HOSTING services hosted in the Tier 3+ Data Center with state of the art hardware.


Providing CORPORATE SOLUTIONS through our Robust, Redundant and Widespread backbone, Carrier Neutral Data Center, Advanced Cloud Infrastructure and Global TELEHOUSE Network.


Teknotel Telekom has been leading the telecommunication sector since 1984. Our difference is our expertise, dedicated team and our understanding of providing CUSTOM CORPORATE SOLUTIONS.

  • CLOUD STORAGE We store your organization’s most valuable assets–its data–securely in a space dedicated for you and enable you to access your data anytime, anytime, anywhere.


Cloud Storage in Brief

Cloud Storage enables you to securely store your organization’s data such as files, e-mails, videos, etc.–your most valuable assets–in a space dedicated for you.


Access your data anytime from anywhere with Cloud Storage, while enabling whom you want to let access your data to using the most recent version. Thanks to the automatic synchronization feature, the most recent or revised data can be viewed by the relevant individuals.


With Cloud Storage service, the people who need corporate business data, namely those working in the fields of sales, marketing, project management, etc. can always access the most recent version of data. This service also fits those who travel frequently for business and need to access their data anytime from anywhere in the world. The data is stored with high security and can be accessed from Desktop Computers, Notebooks, iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Linux computers, MAC, etc. instantly, anytime and wherever there is internet. 


Cloud Storage Features

  • Features
  • File sharing and back up
  • Social media integrations
  • Automatic synchronization
  • Access data from all devices
  • Secure and flexible account management
  • Easy installation
  • English language support


Cloud Storage Advantages

  • 24/7 High-speed Support

    Our expert engineers are on standby 24/7 ready to answer all your technical support requests regarding your service.

  • Ticket System

    You may raise a trouble ticket on our Ticket System regarding all types of problems and follow it up online. All your applications regarding your service are logged.

  • Corporate Customer Representative

    Your customer representative is ready to assist you to take care of all your requests regarding your service.

  • Robust Infrastructure

    Cloud Storage runs on flexible virtualization platforms with state-of-the-art technology hardware infrastructure and are securely stored in our Data Center designed according to global standards.

  • Nonstop Access

    Telehouse Istanbul provides 100% redundant nonstop access using four different domestic and two foreign internet operators.

  • Redundant Storage

    N+N redundancy is achieved with the HP storage structure,with physically redundant disc capacity. All storage layers are run by cache structuring over RAID 5 discs and SSD discs to provide 100% continuity.

  • Secure Data Center

    The Tier 3+ level data center with redundant electricity, power, cooling and service providers can withstand 72 hours of power failure. We provide 99.9999% uptime.

  • Cost Advantage

    With Cloud Storage, you can decrease your hardware, software, internet, data center infrastructure, maintenance and updating costs by up to 80% and increase your profitability.





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