Tier 3+ Data Center, Carrier-Neutral and 100% Redundant System Infrastructure, High-Speed, Secure and Affordable CLOUD Services help you achieve profitability...


Teknotel Corporate Internet Services offers the best solution for your needs through its Robust, Redundant and Widespread backbone Infrastructure.


Enjoy the quality of Telehouse Istanbul services, operating with its Carrier-Neutral infrastructure over the Global Data Center Network, uniting Asia, Europe and America with Tier3+ standards.


You ensure high performance, non-stop and secure service with our CORPORATE HOSTING services hosted in the Tier 3+ Data Center with state of the art hardware.


Providing CORPORATE SOLUTIONS through our Robust, Redundant and Widespread backbone, Carrier Neutral Data Center, Advanced Cloud Infrastructure and Global TELEHOUSE Network.


Teknotel Telekom has been leading the telecommunication sector since 1984. Our difference is our expertise, dedicated team and our understanding of providing CUSTOM CORPORATE SOLUTIONS.

  • CLOUD SERVER With our Cloud Servers, we use resources dedicated for your organization and provide an isolated and secure virtual server platform.


Cloud Server in Brief


Cloud Server service is the Virtual Server service that Teknotel provides using own physical servers. Today, this service is widely known as Cloud Server service.


 The physical servers’ system resources are parsed using virtualization technology to create Cloud Servers. Thanks to virtualization technology, multiple Cloud Servers can run separately and managed on a single physical server independent of one another. Each Cloud Server has its own operating system.   


 VMWare Virtualization Topology




Teknotel’s Cloud Server service runs on WMware and Hyper-v virtualization platforms, widely used around the world and provided over the robust infrastructure composed of HP BLADE servers and CISCO network products. Teknotel’s Cloud Servers are located in Telehouse Istanbul Data Center providing service at global standards. 


You may view the Cloud Server service infrastructure on the Cloud Infrastructure section.


Cloud Server Features

  • Features
  • HP BLADE C700 servers
    100% dedicated virtual servers
  • 100% redundant structure
    99.9999% uptime guarantee
  • SSD-speed performance
    Fast installation, instant service activation
  • High IOPS values
    Multiple OS support including Linux, Windows and others
  • Redundant storage structure
    Modular structure, instant capacity increase
  • VMware and Hyper-v platforms
    Customer-dedicated cloud environment
  • vSphere Web Client Disaster Recovery automation
    Disaster Recovery automation
  • OS, network layer, database monitoring
    Change and configuration management
  • System monitoring and service performance graphics
    Multiple IP allocation feature


Cloud Server Advantages

  • Cost Advantage

    With Cloud Servers you can lower your hardware, software, internet, data center infrastructure, maintenance and updating costs by up to 80% and increase your profitability.

  • 24/7 High-speed Assistance

    Our expert engineers are on standby 24/7 ready to answer all your technical support requests regarding your service.

  • Ticket System

    You may raise a trouble ticket on our Ticket System regarding all types of problems and follow it up online. All your applications regarding your service are logged.

  • Speed and Flexibility

    Your service is activated shortly after purchasing your cloud server. Your server’s specifications may be upgraded or downgraded instantly whenever you require.

  • Nonstop Access

    Telehouse Istanbul provides 100% redundant nonstop access using four different domestic and two foreign internet operators

  • Redundant Storage

    N+N redundancy is achieved with HP storage structure, with physically redundant disc capacity. All storage layers are run by cache structuring over RAID 5 discs and SSD discs to provide 100% continuity.

  • Robust Infrastructure

    Cloud Servers run on flexible virtualization platforms with state-of-the-art technology hardware infrastructure and are securely stored in our Data Center designed according to global standards.

  • Capacity Management

    You may increase capacity instantly in Cloud Servers and carry your business efficiency to the highest level. With reporting you may plan your capacity requirement beforehand and achieve optimum use.


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